• Development trend of mobile LED vehicle screen

    Development trend of mobile LED vehicle screen

    ———JCT In recent years, with the continuous innovation of technology, the decline of price and the huge potential market, the application of mobile LED vehicle screen will be more common, not only in public life and commercial activities, but also in all aspects of our life. Fro...
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  • Introduction to the characteristics of LED vehicle mounted screen

    Introduction to the characteristics of LED vehicle mounted screen

    ——–JCT Led on-board screen is a device installed on the vehicle and made of special power supply, control vehicles and unit board to display text, pictures, animation and video through dot matrix lighting. It is an independent set of LED on-board display system with the rapid de...
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  • A Brief Analysis of the Reasons Why LED Mobile Advertising Vehicles Are Popular in the Market

    When it comes to LED mobile advertising vehicle, many people are not strange. It carries out publicity in the streets in the form of vehicle LED display screen. According to the using in recent years, it has a high market popularity and can be highly praised by users. Why it is popular and favore...
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  • A Market Analysis of LED Media Vehicles Rental Business

    LED media vehicle is known as the fourth generation of green energy. It is widely used in the field of advertising communication. LED media vehicles rental merchants said that the LED media vehicles cleverly combines the large screen with the vehicles. The three-dimensional video animation form h...
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  • Mobile Stage Vehicle – Wonderfully Accompany with You

    With the enrichment of people's spare time life, mobile stage vehicles have quietly sprung up. The mobile stage vehicle not only adds some interest to people's boring life, but als...
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  • Some tips of daily use and maintenance of advertising truck

    It's getting closer to the end of the new year. At this time, the sales of advertising truck are very popular. Many companies want to use advertising truck to sell their products. This sentence has achieved the hot selling climax of advertising truck. Many friends who h...
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  • The quality of outdoor mobile advertising vehicles depends on the selection of the entire key components

    Outdoor mobile advertising vehiclesa are well known by  many people. When most people buy this product, they pay more attention to the quality of the advertising vehicle, and the quality of the advertising vehicle depends on the selection of the entire key group, then here What are they attention...
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  • Mobile LED advertising vehicles have advantages you don’t know

    Mobile LED advertising vehicle is an outdoor advertising equipment widely used at present. It uses a variety of advertising factors such as sound and animation to promote advertising. In the process of mobile publicity, it attracts the attention of human rights. Here is a summary of the advantage...
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  • Jingchuan advertising vehicle offers you a cost-effective way to get together

    In the publicity of outdoor advertising, the use of advertising vehicles has become a trend, but even so, many customers will wait and see the market of advertising vehicles. What is the general range of advertising ...
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  • Advertising Mobile Vehicle Participates in Outdoor Media Competition

    Outdoor media resources are easy to be bleak so these companies spend all day looking for new media resources. The emergence of LED advertising mobile vehicles gives outdoor media companies new hope. What about advertising mobile vehicles? Let'...
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  • Classification of vehicle-mounted LED displays

    With the rapid development of LED display, vehicle-mounted LED display appears. Compared with ordinary, fixed and unable to move LED display, it has higher requirements in stability, anti-interference, shockproof and other aspects.Its classification method is also different according to different...
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  • Professional maintenance of good LED trailer method

    With normal LED display of electronic products, LED trailer in the outdoor mobile vehicle when used in the environment, running time, etc, all have complex problems, therefore in use not only need to pay attention to the use of skills, but also need often to maintenance of LED trailer, it can ens...
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